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Frequently Asked Questions

q. I’ve come across some pieces that stay afloat for more than 2 weeks. Is there anything wrong with those?

a. No, there is nothing wrong with them. Air is trapped in new pieces and sometimes it takes longer for water to find its way into all pores, but eventually all pieces will sink.

q. Is it OK to use broken pieces?

a. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to use broken ones. Some may even say it’s better to use small bits because they will have more contact area with water and therefore filter more quickly. From a pure performance perspective that may be the case, but it would be very awkward to handle small bits of charcoal and you end up having to encase them which complicates things. We cut our bamboo charcoal into 5cm long pieces because that offers the right balance between ease of handling and filtering performance. So as long as it’s not broken into pieces that are too small, you may happily use them.

q. I haven’t re-sterilised my charcoal for weeks, is this OK?

a. Although in most cases it won’t cause any problem, we still recommend that you re-boil your charcoal from time to time, ideally once a week to avoid an undesirable amount of micro-organism developing in your jug. Boiling and drying the charcoal also help to clear the pores so giving the charcoal a better chance to maintain its filtering ability.

q. What else does bamboo charcoal reduce other than chlorine?

a. Charcoal, particularly bamboo charcoal, has been the subject of university level research in Japan in recent years. Although people have known about charcoal’s special properties by experience, this has gradually been backed up by science. Bamboo charcoal is considered effective at adsorbing a variety of substances such as heavy metals, pesticides, surfactants and hormone-disruptors.

q. Can I use the bamboo charcoal to filter water from a well?

a. Yes you can but before using the charcoal, make sure the well water is tested to show it’s safe for human consumption. In the past when people had no choice but to drink what was available in the surrounding environment, in some parts of the world charcoal was used to improve the water quality. However, we don’t recommend you take any unnecessary risks.

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