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FAQ about bamboo charcoal pendants

• Will the pendant leave a black mark on my clothes?

No it is totally clean and dust-free. You can even wear it with a white top if you like. As long as you don’t try to use it like a crayon and draw a line, no blackness will come off it.

• What are those silvery marks on the surface? Are they painted?

Bamboo turns silver when it’s made into charcoal at high temperatures. As its surface is naturally very slightly uneven some parts are shaved down less when sanded and polished. That leaves interesting silver marks on the face of the pendant.

• Any general care?

They are tough enough to be able to wear in most situations but please don’t wear when you swim or have a bath or it will become brittle. Do not drop or knock it against a hard surface, as it may break; and avoid touching it with greasy fingers as it may leave a stain on the surface – but some superficial marks or stains can be removed by rubbing the surface with a damp cloth.

”Originally, I made pendants just for myself and my family, and some close friends. I find touching bamboo charcoal very calming and making pendants with it is a very therapeutic activity for me. It’s dusty work and you get your hands dirty but it’s really rewarding. I love the fact that each one is slightly different and you don’t quite know how it’ll come out until you clean it at the end. When I took my pendants to a small fair about three tears ago I

Michihiro Ishihara

was stunned by the positive reception I received. People would look at them with great curiosity. Some would tap them and some would smell them, trying to work out what they were made of. But when they rubbed them, they would just smile. Since then many hundreds of my bamboo charcoal pendants have found a good home and I have been promising that one day I would put them on our website. It’s a relief that it’s finally happened, albeit a few years later than intended!”

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