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How to reuse your bamboo charcoal around the house

After using charcoal for 2 months as a water filter, don’t throw it away! Charcoal also regulates moisture, reduces odours, inhibits mould and keeps food fresh. You can be creative and give your charcoal a second life, for example in:

Reusing charcoal pieces

Make sure the pieces are completely dry before re-using. If you place them in a mild environment like chests of drawers, you can more or less use forever.

In tougher places like the bathroom or the fridge, the charcoal may start looking a bit tired after a few months. Occasionally put them out in the sun and let breathe if you want to keep them in good condition. Re-use for 6-12 months.

And finally...

When it’s time to say good-bye to your bamboo charcoal you can return it to the earth by crushing and burying it in the garden, in pot plants or mixing with compost, etc.

As if it hasn’t worked hard enough, crushed bamboo charcoal will help aerate soil and increase water retention, absorb excess moisture when it’s wet and release it when dry. Not bad after many months of multi-tasking for you!

Jug of filtered water

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