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"I just wanted to let you know that our charcoal arrived a couple of days ago and we have been filtering our water with it ever since.  It makes a big difference to the water quality which tastes and looks more pure and fresh.  We live in a hard water area and it has improved the chalkiness of the water a great deal. Fantastic!!  I am spreading the word about this wonderful product."  Vanessa, West Sussex

"I was unaware I could purchase charcoal as a water purifier and I am so glad it came up in my search. I wasn't quite keen on the idea of the usual filter cartridges, but am getting increasingly queasy at not knowing what's in my tap water! Thank you for making this lovely natural product available. :-)" Helen, Conwy

"I came across the Charcoal People at an eco-fair and it was love at first sight. It's the answer to everything. I have clean, filtered water, no plastic to throw away and as if that's not enough they look really beautiful in the jug too." Carey, Twickenham

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"I am still quite amazed how these little pieces of charcoal manage to filter water so effectively, there is no chlorine taste whatsoever and it really does taste pure, like water straight out of the ground!" Miss Antill, East Sussex

"I decided to give it a go and have to say it is the best form of purifying water that I have come across! Our clients also notice the difference in the taste and after using this form of water filtering for almost two years now we have no plans to change. Both Pedro and I quickly got used to filling up the water jugs at night before retiring and first thing in the morning and that's it. The charcoal does the rest!

We can highly recommend this product and the excellent reliable and friendly service that the Charcoal People provide. Try it!" Joy and Pedro Carol, Brighton (Japanese acupuncture and Tui-Na Chinese massage)

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